The Green Movement

"We can take the lead in changing the American culture of consumption to one of conservation".

Sounds like something a government might utter? Perhaps a cutting edge, global corporation? This actually comes from the VP of Operations with the Seattle Mariners baseball club, Scott Jenkins. The Mariners are one of six pro sports teams from the Pacific Northwest who've come together to form the Green Sports Alliance.The other teams in the Green Sports Alliance include the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Soundser and Seattle Storm.


Such is the trend in the corporate world. Green CSR isn't just mainstream, it's greenstream!

Green PR, or Green CSR, has its roots in the "environmental ethic", defined by Sexty as "the set of values or principles that govern a corporation's practices relating to the environment." Basically this suggests businesses and business people feel a moral responsibility to conduct their operations in an environmentally sustainable way, as a reaction to society's concerns for the environment.

While the corporate green movement is widespread Sexty says tangible action ranges from token responses, including "greenwashing", to compliance. to comprensive environmental management to sustainable development. Consumers, regulators and the competition will be quick to define where a corporation lies on this continuum. Those who choose to greenwash do so at their own peril!